December 24, 2013

L I F E / Minimalistic, Vegan, Coconut, Vanilla Cubes

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I love this recipe for how minimalistic and uncomplicated it is; only four ingredients, very few steps, very little time and it is vegan (meat/dairy production wastes natural resources). Usually I like my food as colorful as possible, but these creamy vanilla coconut cubes just screamed Love Aesthetics. So here it is; my first ever food related blog post! I am not a very good cook so don't expect more recipes, but these are so easy to make and the result is so beautifully that I could not not share this with you guys.

Ingredients explained/
Agar Agar is an Malaysian/Inonesian desert, very similar to jelly pudding with a sightly more bitable texture, if made with water it is incredibly thirst quenching. Though unlike gelatin jelly which is an animal product (made out of animal bones and pig skin), Agar Agar is plant based made out of seaweed. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors but for this recipe you'll need the flavorless, colorless kind (avoiding all the artificial ingredients). You can find it at almost every Asian supermarket, it is also known as Kanten in Japan. Instead of sugar I used agave nectar, but you can use whatever sweetener you want.

1/ Prepare the Agar Agar as instructed on the package. But instead of using water, use coconut milk. Bring the coconut milk to a boil, add the powder, the agave nectar and the seeds of the vanilla bean. Stirr well and take your pan off the heat.
2/ Pour the mixture into a container. Let it cool off outside the fridge for a while to give the vanilla seeds a chance to sink to the bottom before the pudding sets.
3/ After about an hour in the fridge, cut the agar agar into cubes. If you insert your knife a little diagonally like I did, you'll get slightly inclined cubes with visually more 3D effect.
4/ Take them out, flip them over to expose the black vanilla speckles and eat!
/agar agar powder
/coconut milk
/a vanilla bean
/agave nectar (or sugar)


TeuntjeVDW said...

Amazing! Very Love Aesthetics indeed! xx.

Milex said...

pretty great!

Anna said...

sounds & looks amazing!

Noé said...

Ooh you are vegan as well !! I'm so happy to learn it :-)
That's a good looking recipe, and I'm sure it's tasty. Great idea for the "apéritif" in a Christmas dinner !

Couleur Spleen.

Marjolein | NeverTooPolished said...

Heel erg Love Aesthetics inderdaad, haha!


Rachel said...

love the look of these, definitely going to have to try!

Rachel x
Style Soup

Sarah Iracheni said...

Such a beautiful idea!

duckalicious said...

vegan & sugar-free desserts ftw! I'm totally making this (and when I say "I", I actually mean myself, not my boyfriend who's normally the chef around our place).

Rian Phin said...

Seems great and looks flawless, really. I'm glad you shared!

Sef Quemado said...

This is completely mouth watering! I love the (OCD) presentation too. :)

Andrea Vytlačilová said...

Looks yummy! And loving the white color! :)


Amanda said...

these look amazing- will definitely try!!

Renee Wallace said...

How would it work with silver leaf do you think? Would look fantastic if it's firm enough to take the silver (or gold) leaf

Lys said...

Wow, such a special recipe!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks yummy! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivania,
Merry everything to you too! Just FYI, agar-agar is not plant based, as algae are not plants.
Love love love your blog

Justalazymorning said...

and it's also vegan.
i'm in love!

Sharon (Style-Chameleon) said...

Mmm, lijkt me heel lekker!

e said...

looks great i think i am going to make some for my dairy-free friend as a gift...also like the commenter's idea about doing edible gold or silver, thanks for the recipe! x

claudia, dearest said...

Tried this today but I think I overcooked it and it got thick before the vanilla seeds could sink.

Also the agave nectar I had on hand was raw so its darker and gave it a beige tinge.

Super tasty! Will make again. Thinking the edible gold would be a nice touch.

Thank you for sharing.

B said...

I made these today. It was the first time I have used agar without water. They set perfectly and taste so decadent! I ate this with a glass of strong oolong tea and I drizzled the dessert with dark buckwheat honey - I made them with only a sprinkle of sugar and a pinch of salt. I didn't have vanilla pods so I used liquid vanilla in the dessert for the flavor and black sesame seeds for the hit of speckled contrast - it looked so pretty in the photo.

Thank you for the recipe!

Vanessa T. said...

Looks delicious & refreshing! :)

julent said...

I could really use some help with this. I bought the agar, but the instructions are in a language I can't read. How much coconut milk did you use? How much agar? Thanks!

Fiona Nicholls said...

This is so gorgeous to look at - I can't wait to try it! I'm not vegan, but I often find vegan desserts and foods have had so much extra effort that goes into making them delicious and nutritious that they turn out so much better than food with animal products!!

Thea said...

Looking at the photo, am I right in assuming the proportions are about .8L of coconut milk (which would be 2 cans? ), about 2 Tbsp of Agar Agar and sugar/agave to taste?

(I tried with one can and 2Tbsp of the Agar Agar and it set way fast and got thick, not allowing the vanilla to sink at all. )

friv 2 said...

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